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Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

Srixon Golf Balls

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Early January is to sporting goods writers what early Gregorian calendar month is to tax accountants – it’s once the you-know-what flies quick and furious as each major, minor, and wanna-be golf company has one thing new for you to regarding|examine and the United States to put in writing about. Golf balls will drift within the shuffle, particularly if it’s not a significant complete Tour-update. Well, Srixon definitely may be a major complete, however, its Q-STAR Srixon Golf Balls is therein nether-region between Tour-level balls and your garden selection 2- or 3-piece ionomer ball.

Tour-level balls – and you recognize which of them – are clearly Tier-1. Your Tier three balls square measure the $24-$26/dozen ionomer balls with some firmness and a few spin school intrinsic, whereas Tier four balls square measure you basic, soft, 2-piece ionomer balls within the $20/dozen vary.


It’s Tier a pair of that’s a small amount weird

There you’ll notice the likes of the TaylorMade Project (a), Wilson pair skilled, Titleist Tour Soft, and others. Some feature ester covers, others ionomer, however all square measure softer than Tier One balls, whereas touting enough spin for the typical Joe. They’re additionally priced within the $30 to $35/dozen vary.

Less expensive than Tour-level balls, no doubt, unless you look to the Direct-To-Consumer Tour brands, like Snell, that may sell you Tour-level balls in bulk for the value of a Tier three-ball. Like I aforementioned, it’s a weird class.

Srixon 1st introduced Q-STAR Tour 3 years past as a 3-piece, ester ball for those folks World Health Organization don’t swing it like Shane, Hideki, or Keegan. the largest distinction was compression. The foremost recent Z-STAR encompasses a compression of ninety, whereas the Z-STAR XV comes in at 102. The initial Q-STAR Tour had a compression of seventy-five and with its performance characteristics, Srixon may have known as it Z-STAR Soft.

Generation three of the Q-STAR Tour adds the foremost recent Z-STAR technology to the road – specifically Srixon’s FastLayer Core and also the latest version of Spin Skin – besides a replacement alignment aid.


The SRI in Srixon stands for Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the Japanese tire, and rubber big that owns Dunlop Sports, Ltd, and, by extension, Srixon-Cleveland-XXIO. Like it's Japanese Bridgestone, Srixon leverages its native rubber engineering juice to develop the new core technology. And as is consistent within the ball business, Tour-level technology eventually works its approach into Tier a pair of offerings.

Specifically, with Q-STAR Tour, we’re discussing the FastLayer Core & Serm coating.

In effect,” Srixon promoting Director Brian Schielke tells MyGolfSpy, “the core acts like it’s designed from thousands of extremely skinny cores.”

As with the Z-STAR, the FastLayer core permits Srixon to form the core simply a small amount larger within the Q-STAR Tour than the previous model, that featured Srixon’s older Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core. Srixon says the result ought to be overall distance and short game spin kind of like its Tour balls, with a softer feel at seventy-two compressions.


The new FastLayer Core and SeRM coating square measure adding to Q-STAR Tour’s worth – a $3/dozen increase from $29.99 to $32.99. “Those square measure identical technologies as used on our Z-STAR Tour-level balls,” says Schielke. “They’re dangerous to manufacture.”

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